To repair and recycle donated racing bicycles to promising young racers who need help to achieve further success


We are passionate about expanding opportunities for dedicated young cyclists. CycloCycle accepts whole bicycles or frames suitable for racing that are no longer wanted particularly those which are in need of carbon fiber frame repair. Cyclocarbon inspects then donates any carbon repair work needed.  Once the frames are fixed up, we find the equipment a new home with a deserving athlete under the age of 23.

We remember how hard it was to get into the sport of cycling.  All the necessary equipment and travel felt insurmountable at times.  Carbon repair has the ability to turn one person’s garbage into another’s treasure.  It all started with an unwanted, broken frame. One that was too small for anyone here.  Why not fix it, and give it to a young racer?  After giving that frame away, word spread and more donated frames in need of repair started rolling in, destined for more young cyclists. Then more, and a few more. And so, here we are, officially a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to connecting race equipment with young riders.